The Pet Stays In the Picture, St. Louis, Missouri

If you're anything like me, there is absolutely no question about it at all: Your pets are full-fledged members of your family and it would be unthinkable to take family portraits without them.

For me, a single pet parent of two crazy furbabies, this poses only a small challenge each year.

crazy cat lady holiday card

Though I am a photographer, I always enlist the help of another photographer to capture our family each year. This year my brother stepped in for an hour of absolute insanity, with both my cats crawling every which way.

It was exhausting but worth it. We ended up with this adorable and hilarious result:

crazy cat lady christmas card

I had a lot of families request "petraits" this year. This adorable family brought their dog to our fall mini sessions:

pet family portrait st louis

My most epic family photos this year were of Ally & Matt... Oh, and their two cats, bunny, and dog. Yeah. Hilarity ensued.

holiday card with animals

holiday card with pets

holiday card with pets

holiday card with pets

holiday card rabbit

holiday card cats

holiday card dog and cat

christmas card with pets

christmas card st louis

christmas card pets

After wrestling with her adorable crew for quite some time, we finally did end up with some "perfect" shots for their holiday cards. But all of these "bloopers"? I think they're my favorites. They perfectly convey the joyous chaos that pets bring to our lives.

Oh... And I couldn't post about my pet holiday cards this year without mentioning the craziest one of all, Rena and Brutus.

bearded dragon holiday card

beach holiday card

bearded dragon portrait

bearded dragon kiss

Mele Kalikimaka, Brutus!

Mele Kalikimaka to everyone!

#family #stlphotographer #humor

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