How to Win At Online Dating

Online dating... You're doing it wrong!!!!

Below is a photo of my friend. Guess who took this picture? He did! Ahhhh, the dreaded selfie. I am not zero-tolerance when it comes to selfies. A good selfie can look great on an online dating profile.



Here's the problem: This guy is amazing. He is smart, sexy, well traveled, well educated, has an incredibly amazing job, is cultured and sophisticated, and is one of the funniest people I've ever met, but this picture doesn't say those things. What kind of women is this guy going to attract with an online dating profile that is blaring this photo?



A few hours with me and things were looking a lot better for my friend. I was able to capture his personality, his charisma, his attractiveness, and his sophistication easily. I promise you, his dating profile stands out. Women can now see what he really looks like and what kind of person he is. He will now get more women contacting him, but more importantly, he will get THE RIGHT women contacting him.


We did a few different looks. This way, women can see his corporate side, but also his breezy weekend side.

And you know his great sense of humor? We had that covered, too.


The right photo will make or break your online dating profile.

It doesn't matter how awesome you are in real life... In the world of online dating, you are only as good as your dating profile!

So step away from the selfie... Either have a friend snap a real picture of you, or better yet, hire someone like me who can help you step up your game.

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